Top 5 Free Places To Take a Great Photo In The Pacific Side

Top 5 Free Places To Take a Great Photo In The Pacific Side

Playa Jaco is one of the favorite beach destinations in Costa Rica, its good atmosphere, its proximity, its good waves and the “Pura Vida” of its people make it a perfect destination for a good vacation. Now a visit these days without a good memory for Facebook or Instagram is not a visit and here are 5 places where you can take the best selfie in Jaco Beach,

Jaco Beach Sunset

Jaco Beach has one of the best sunsets, so this photo is a must, look for a good location, wait for the right moment and add some creativity, and you will have a viral photo.
Sun sets in Jaco, Costa Rica

The “Croc Selfie” at Tarcoles River

Of course, you could not miss the “Croc selfie” It’s a huge rive where you pass on your way to Jaco Beach, a Selfie in Tarcoles River has become an obligatory stop for all those who go to Jaco and the rest of the beaches of the central pacific of Costa Rica.

The photo with the crocodile is something you must do, be careful to hold your cell phones, cameras, and yourselves lest you go.

Crocs! in Costa Rica

The Miro’s Landscape/Viewpoint.

Everyone has their theory about the Miro Viewpoint, some believe it used to be a restaurant, others a house, others a hotel, and there are even those who say it used to belong to “Narcos”, the truth is that the place is in “ruins” and has been converted to “public” use and if you want to have one of the best pictures of all Jaco Beach this is one of the places to visit.

Even for those who like to run or ride a bike, it is a good getaway since it is in a mountainous area, so access is usually restricted to 4×4 cars.


Jaco Beach Viewpoint

The unmissable photo was unmistakable that you were in Jaco for all those who wonder where is the “Letras” or Word Jaco, is in the viewpoint on the way to Playa Hermosa, and has become an obligatory stop for those who pass through the place if you want to make the round trip, visit it for the sunset eye is possible that you are going to have a line, and carry cash for you to eat a good drink.


Guacalillo Viewpoint

A little less famous this “spot” is only for connoisseurs, the Peñon de Guacalillo is perfect for an excellent photo and if you are lucky enough to have a drone, the photos will look like a dream.

Peñón Guacalillo, Costa Rica

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